Budiman Money Packet – Set of 3

Printed on 140 gsm simili paper, with gold hot stamping.

Set of 3 pack, in green, mint and pink. 30pcs. 10pcs per pack. 160mm x 80mm.

Dark Green
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We dedicate this to all kurshians


Each merch is designed with great attention to reminisce our memories in Tunku Kurshiah College

Set of 3 pack – in green, mint and pink.

30pcs. 10pcs per color.

Reminiscing fasting month and Eid celebrations in Bukit Merbah, we only have fond memories in our minds.

When we think about TKC Bukit Merbah, the most iconic place that also hold a lot of memories for us all is definitely Dewan Budiman.

It’s where we have our weekly assembly. Sang college song the loudest in our beloved Hall. We would bring our plushies and pillows during movie nights. Our English Drama performances, our talentime. We even sat for all our big exams in Dewan Budiman.

With all these lovely memories, we decided to incorporate Dewan Budiman’s iconic side wall into the design of our raya money packets. It’s our way of reminiscing our happy times in Bukit Merbah, a place we left 20 years ago.


  • Dimension: 160mm x 80mm
  • 140 gsm simili paper
  • Printed with gold hot stamping on logo and wordings



This product is currently unavailable.